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About Pingtung                _上方廣告資訊

Industry & Economy

Currently, there are two industries growing rapidly in Taiwan, tourism and agriculture. The in-depth tourism derived from them occupies 30% of the national tourism market.

Both agriculture and tourism are the strengths of Pingtung County. The county government aims to upgrade its industries through regional cooperation, crossover value additive strategy, importing professional talents to the south, and insistence on quality, by using its unique land resources, ethnic culture, ecological landscape, natural resource, and agriculture and aquaculture.

In addition, facing the challenge of the ageing society in Taiwan, the county government, in collaboration with private sectors, is enthusiastic in community empowerment, cultivating professional talents, and innovative healthcare to allow the health-care industry to take root in Pingtung. The government is confident that Pingtung will become the pioneer in the health care industry in Taiwan!

To create an ideal environment to attract long-term investments, activate Pingtung's industry and economy, and create more job opportunities, the county government has stipulated seven action strategies, from the basic environment to the administrative service, including agriculture, green power and green economy. By implementing these strategies, they hope to make Pingtung a place where people can live harmoniously and happily.

I. Promote single window consultation service. Implementing horizontal alliances and international marketing.

II. Exporting agricultural products worldwide. Adding value to agriculture and aquaculture.

III. Developing tourism capital. Focusing on global marketing.

IV. Happy and peaceful community. Healthcare services for the needed.

V. Collaboration with private sectors. Developing green energy.

VI. Encouraging young entrepreneurs. Live harmoniously and happily in Pingtung.

VII. Help crossover collaboration for artists and artisans. Encouraging establishment of local brand names.