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About Pingtung                _上方廣告資訊

Natural resources

The spring in an orchard

In this beautiful land with clear water and clean bays, Pingtung breeds many number 1 in agriculture, aquaculture, and fishery. Many hard working fishing people and farmers write touching stories on this piece of land.

In the south of Chuoshuei River, the production means of most towns and counties is agriculture. Pingtung is the county located at the southernmost of Taiwan. Good geographical location and advantages provided by the altitude make Pingtung an ideal place, from Gaoshu Township in the north to Hengchung Peninsular in the south, for growing tropical fruits.

In recent years, with the good management of the past magistrates, the export of Pingtung’s fruits and agricultural products, including papaya from Gaoshu to the gropers from Linbian, soared. Now, high-quality pineapples and Aiwen mangoes are exported regularly to China, Japan, Korean, and many other Asian countries in containers. In short, the quality tropical fruits grown in Pingtung are in high demand from various countries worldwide. Even Japan and EU countries, which set very high standards in quarantine, import Pingtung’s fruits in large quantities.

During Lunar New Year, many consumers love to present wax apple gift boxes to their friends and relatives. Those wax apples are mainly grown in the coastal area, from Donggang Township to Linbian Township and Jiadung Township in southern Pingtung. Specifically, the famous black pearl wax apples are the special products of Linbian Township. In addition, many farmers in northern Pingtung grow wax apples too. They make black gold wax apples famous among consumers.

In May, Aiwen mangoes grown in Fangshan, Pingtung, are exported to surrounding Asian countries in container ships. The sun fruit – the brand name of the mangoes marketed by Fangshan Farmer’s Association are the favorites of consumers in northern Taiwan.

As for pineapples and papayas, they are grown all the year round. Especially the huge areas along the Ping-185 Highway, the pineapples grown there are diverse in types and exceptionally delicious. Most of the pineapples, the major export items, there are exported to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more. In the current trends of small farmers and creative agricultural industries, many small farmers engage in the production of pineapple cakes, dried pineapple, and more, constituting a new farmers’ economy, targeting at the consumers at the apex of the pyramid.

Moreover, the lemon grown at Jiuru Township, the red beans and green soybeans at Wandan Township, Hirami lemons at Changjhih Township, great burdock at Guilai, Pingtung City are major exported products. During the office of Magistrate Cao Ci-hong he had laid a solid foundation for the overseas market by establishing a traceable agricultural product system. Now, Magistrate Pan Men-an even established an international marketing company to explore the export sales of Pingtung’s agricultural products.

Livestock raising also prospers in Pingtung, which cultivates the highest number of land fowls, such as chickens, and waterfowl, such as ducks in Taiwan. Although the industry encountered a serious setback during the epidemics of bird flu in 2015, it recovered very soon afterward. It is worth mentioning that the duck eggs industry in Pingtung takes the lead in Taiwan in both quality, quantity, and production technology. Now, it has established its own brand name, and continues to develop duck eggs products, which are welcomed by consumers (Note 1).

Giant grouper is one of the major exported items, which is mainly raised at the coastal areas along Linbian and Jiadong. Facilitated with advanced set net fishing grounds, the giant grouper rearing businesses have created high economic income for the county.

Although aquaculture was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot in 2009, it recovered rapidly with the help of Pingtung County Government. Transforming the crisis into chances, Pingtung government launched the certification of “Pingtung Quality Aqua Product Badge” to market its quality seafood to international markets.

With the establishment of these aqua-cultural technology and certification system, Pingtung County Government has helped modernize the traditional fish rearing industry. The Japanese fishing people, who are proud of their fish rearing techniques and industrial technology, also introduced the energy saving water mill invented by Pingtung fishing people, into Japan for the improvement of their aquaculture.

The Bluefin tuna fishing at Donggang is one of the major fishing industry in Pingtung County. It reaps the most Bluefin tuna in Asia every year.

In April every year, when the Blue fin tunas migrate to the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, the off-sea fishing boats at Donggang will catch those fishes with long line fishing method. The Bluefin tuna they catch are mainly from the north, with tender and smooth flesh. The fishing people at Donggang and Liujiu regard catching the first Bluefin tuna every year as their highest honor. The Blue fin tuna fishing industry is now regarded as the equivalence of Pingtung’s fishery.

When the current Magistrate Pan Men-an inaugurated in 2014, he began to promote the agriculture and aquaculture in Pingtung. Grown up in a fishing family, he knew fishing industry well. The fishing villages and rural villages needed to be upgraded and reformed urgently with knowledge economy. In less than 6 months after his inauguration, he came up with a plan for a university for agriculture. Teaching farmers necessary knowledge, he aimed to promoted agriculture and aquaculture by elevating the knowledge level of farmers and fishing people.

The classrooms for agricultural university may be located in the rural communities, among the fields, and more. Its major purpose is to learn from authentic farmers to create a symbiotic system with the land with modesty.


Note 1: Guan Da Li and Horn Liang h market their products into the markets with their own brand names.