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Pingtung Regional Family Welfare Service Center

Pingtung Family Welfare Service Center


No.95, Huazheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900

Phone Number



Pingtung City, Wandan Township, Changzhi Township, Linluo Township

Service Content

1. Protective Service
2. Disadvantaged Family Care
3. Welfare Information and Propaganda
4. Welfare Service
5. Public Place
(1) First Floor: Family Library, Breastfeeding Room, Family Room, Childcare Resource Center, Community Child Attendant Care System (Pingtung)
(2) Second Floor: Audiovisual Center, Teenagers/ Women Library, Studying Center, Performance Hall, Training Room, Conference Room
(3) Third Floor: Women Dream Room, Consulting Room, Lounge, Large Training Room, Group Counseling Room, Activity Room
(4) B1: Place for Teenagers

Service Time

#Service time:
Mon. to Fri.: 08:00-17:30
#Room opening hour:
Tue. To Sun.: 8:30 A.M.-11:20 A.M.; 14:00 P.M.-16:45 P.M.
Studying Center opening hour: 
8:00-20:45 Closed on Mon. and holiday