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County government   _上方廣告資訊

Magistrate Introduction

Magistrate Pan Men-An

Pan Men-An

Born to a fisherman's family, when he was young, he travelled around Taiwan and the world with just a suitcase. Expanding his global outlook, he learned the skills for marketing Pingtung.

But he always remembered his hometown. He quit his prosperous business and returned to Pingtung. Serving his people, he started from the basic—the township representative, hoping to learn more about the ups and downs of his townsfolk with the temperature close to the land.

Now, he has gone through the positions from township representative, council member, to legislator—serving folks as a civil servant.

Elected as county mayor, he continues to serve his people and his town. On the day of his inauguration, witnessed by his mother and his 860 thousand folks, he wrote down the core of his policy – "people." In the coming 1460 days, he and his county government team will work together enthusiastically with the townsfolk, constructing a happy and peaceful Pingtung!



  • Township Representative of Pingtung, Checheng
  • Council Member
    • 14th 1998~2002 (87.03.01~91.02.28)
    • 15th 2002~2006 (91.03.01~95.02.28)
  • Legislator, Legislative Yuan
    • 6th 2005~2008(94.2.1~97.1.31)
    • 7th 2008~2012(97.2.1~101.1.31)
    • 8th 2012~2014(101.2.1~103.12.25)
  • Legislative Yuan, Democratic Progressive Party Caucus
    • 7th (session 6th), General Secretary 2010 (99)
    • 8th (session 1st), General Secretary 2012 (101)
    • 8th (session 2nd), General Secretary 2012 (101)
    • 8th (session 3rd), General Secretary 2013 (102)

Educational Background

  • MA, Graduate Institute of Adult Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University
  • MA student, Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University