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In the Brunch Lifestyle Festival, dining tables are placed in the forest, looking like a wedding banquet. Visitors say this is really romantic. 
Publish Date:2019-10-22    
The Pingtung County Government held the 2019 Brunch Lifestyle Festival on October 11, 2019, at the grassy area outside the main exhibition section of the Super South Taiwan Design Expo’19. In this festival, the modern dining habit has been drastically changed. People dine outdoors and enjoy the breeze instead of air conditioning. Kao I Che, a florist, decorated the place as an outdoor wedding venue. The lively music on stage and the freshly-made Pingtung Food Power – Good Morning Platter. People felt that it was fun to enjoy a meal on the meadow romantically for the first time. They praised that the organizer really put lots of efforts into this. Two hundred coupons were sold out and people who couldn’t get tickets sighed with regret.

The Youth College of the Pingtung County Government stated that, “Brunch restaurants in Taiwan can make tens of billions every year and even food chain stores have joined the competition. Research shows that the density of the brunch chain restaurants in Taiwan is as high as the one for convenience stores. It’s an economic miracle among corner stores in Taiwan. Pingtung is one of the counties and cities in Taiwan with the highest density of brunch restaurants. Therefore, it is the best one. to hold the Brunch Lifestyle Festival here. In this event, it is hoped to highlight the special brunch culture in Pingtung. The promotional idea is that “People in Taipei enjoy afternoon tea. People in Pingtung eat brunch.”

Pan Meng An, the County Magistrate of Pingtung County, said that, “Pingtung dominates food production in Taiwan. All the restaurants in Taiwan can find food products with high quality, complete records and non-toxic certification that they need. This is the first year of the Pingtung Brunch Lifestyle Festival. Three major brunch brands, LaMorning, Gugi Gugi Brunch and Good Time Brunch, and eight professional farmers’ groups designed a unique, safe and absolutely delicious brunch to share everything great about Pingtung. Brunch can be romantic and can create a good image of Pingtung!”

Wang Pin Chao, the owner of San Heng Yi Shu Marketing Co., Ltd., said that, “The tickets were sold out in less than a week. I really appreciate everyone’s support. I hope that this event can demonstrate the local characteristics of Pingtung and create a unique brunch atmosphere. A family walks hand-in-hand to the venue. Children can run on the meadow and adults can chat and eat under the shade of trees. I hope that guests can leave with a smile.”

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