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Pingtung News

Pingtung County Government to Actively Build Friendly Environment for Tourists 
Publish Date:2019-06-17    
Pingtung is a big tourist county where lots of people rely on tourist industry for living. The travel accommodation industry is booming; there are 889 officially registered hotels, 253 hotels are not registered and being monitored, and 191 B&B are not registered and being monitored in Pingtung County, which is the most in Taiwan. For helping the legitimate travel accommodation and enhance the management of illegal ones, the accommodation inspector is conducting inspections weekly, and since January, 2019, 223 registered and 8 illegal accommodations were inspected.

The illegal accommodations have the problems of public safety and fire, and the customers will have a hard time seeking help if any dispute occurs. In safeguarding the safety and right during their stay, we not only continue the inspection on the illegal accommodations, but also to help to legalize them. In result, there were 7 illegal accommodations legalized recently. For the registered ones, except subsidizing the B&B Association to conduct hotel management-related courses, the county government will also conduct such courses in the second half of this year hoping that when the visitors check in, they will not only feel like home, but can also enjoy the living quality and service of a hotel.

Pingtung County is now preparing a tourist environment and actively promoting “The Pingtung County Katabatic Wind Designated Scenic Area”, where Fu-An Temple of Checheng Township, Sihchongsi Hot Spring, Shihmen Ancient Battlefield and many other cultural and historical spots are located, including the natural sceneries and coastal views, of which has concluded the newly emerged cultural and tourist strip of Hengchun Peninsula. It is adjacent to Kenting National Park and acts as the doorway when entering Hengchun Peninsula. The combination of scenery and accommodation during traveling is our hope to have visitors be touched by the sceneries, stay comfortably and increase the choice of accommodations in Townships like Checheng, Mudang and other places.