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Pingtung County Government Delegation Promotes Local Tourism in Korea 
Publish Date:2019-05-14    
The number of Korean visitors to Taiwan has continued to climb every year. Taking advantage of the successful Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Transportation and Travel Department (TTD) of Pingtung County Government (PCG) led a delegation made up of the Pingtung County Tourism Association, Pingtung Minsu Association, Dapeng Bay Travel Industry Alliance, Tourism Industry League of Hengchun Peninsula and Pingtung County Association of Travel Agents to Seoul, Korea, to compete for the Korean tourism market and take part in the Taiwan Small Town Ramble tourism promotion event organized by the Tourism Bureau of Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). A total of 36 organizations representing the domestic hospitality, recreation, transport and other tourism-related industries took part in the delegation and joined in promoting Taiwan as the top overseas holiday destination for Koreans.

The Taiwan Small Town Ramble promotion event was held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul yesterday (26). Meetings were arranged between Taiwanese and Korean operators. A variety of Korean pamphlets and indigenous leather gifts were provided by the county government's tourism promotion delegation. Tourism videos and interpreters were used to introduce the tourism highlights of Pingtung, with every means being used to grab the attention of all local travel agents. It is worth noting that Pingtung County Government received the greatest number of inquiries on the day, leading to interviews with a well-known local travel writer and local media.

A road show was held in downtown Seoul near Hongkik University on the following day to keep the ball rolling. Sweating under the burning sun, the tourism promotion representatives from PCG handed out promotional pamphlets to every Korean passerby. A crowd gathered and all the pamphlets were eventually given away. This will hopefully introduce Pingtung to more Koreans and make them fall in love with the region.

According to TTD, last December, Korean celebrity actor Ki Min-Jung had previously visited Pingtung with a Korean celebrity baseball team to play an exciting game against a Taiwanese celebrity baseball team organized by Tony Sun, a local star. The next day, the entire Korean team traveled south to see the Fu'an Temple in Checheng, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, sunset at Guanshan and Kengting. Korean superstar boy band EXO did an outdoor shoot at Pingtung in mid-November last year as well during which they visited the National Museum of Marine Biology and The Aquarium, the hot springs at SIchong River, the Paradise of Deer, and South Bay of Kenting, while also sampling the seafood of Houbi Lake and Hengchun's street food. Korean baseball teams even relocate to Pingtung for their spring training.

MOTC Tourism Bureau statistics indicated that the number of Korean visitors to Taiwan is continuing to climb and surpassed one million in both 2017 and 2018. Korea has therefore become one of Taiwan's key source markets. Koreans have received increasing exposure to Taiwanese culture through the Internet or media in recent years so Taiwan is quite familiar to them. Winter in particular is a good season for visiting Pingtung to escape the cold and enjoy the warmth and passion of southern Taiwan. In the future, well-known bloggers or youtubers will be invited to scout out the local sights. The power of the Internet will be used to promote the unique tourism resources of Pingtung. When Koreans pick up their mobile phones, they can easily find information on traveling to Pingtung County. This will make Pingtung County a more familiar and accessible destination. "You haven't visited Taiwan if you didn't come to Pingtung” is a slogan that Koreans will be sure to remember!

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