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Happy Gathering for Elders from Community Caring Locations 
Publish Date:2019-06-17    
The annual sports competition for elders from the Pingtung County’s community caring locations kicked off in the morning of May 19th at Tajen University Sport Center! Elders from all 53 community caring locations within the county gathered and participated in each sporting event to demonstrate the training result from preventing and delaying disability, as well as activities promoting health. Ongoing laughter was surrounding the various fun competitions on site. The Magistrate, Men-An Pan, also joined the fun with the elders, “The vitality of the elders is not any bit less than the youngsters!”

Magistrate Pan also said that the community caring locations of Pingtung County has reached 326 and the setup density of locations is more than 70% of the county. At the same time, to slow down the problem of dementia in elders, the County Government was actively promoting the method of preventing and delaying disability and implementation of caring location in supplying over 30 methods of preventing and delaying disability to be chosen from the locations and to extend the activity time from half day to 1, 3, or 5 days as the whole day service. 180 locations have joined C class neighborhood level care center as summed by April, 2019.

As Magistrate Pan pointed out, there were total of 53 locations, 2,000 elders have gathered to participate in the competition, and by looking at the smiles from the elders, there is much hope every day that the County Government team’s efforts were truly worthwhile. The sports competition for elders will be held regularly and through these specially designed fun activities, it will allow the elders to enjoy the healthy and LOHAS exercise in achieving the effect of physical and mental happiness.

The theme of this year’s sports competition for elders is “Happy Gathering for Elders from Community Caring Locations”, and it was a goal to bring much to for the elders by these 5 fun activities as designed by the Social Affairs Department. There were fun group activities such as “Happy Stacking”, the sport stacking activity to test elders’ stress resistance during the competition and hand-eye coordination, “Happy Throwing” to test their arm strength and force, “Happy Kicking” to kick their slippers to test their muscle strength and train for balance, “Happy Carrying” worked as a two-man team, and also “Happy Calculating” to test their understanding in numbers and mental arithmetic. The gaming atmosphere was happy and all elders were did their best effort to achieve the best result.

The Social Affairs Department is hoping to accept the result from the elders as it has implemented the method of preventing and delaying disability from the past year, and at the same time by using these fun group cooperating activities to improve the interaction between elders and to build a sense of group belonging.

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