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Pingtung County Call to Action on Dengue Fever Prevention. Implement "Check. Pour out. Clean. Brush" to Clean Homes. 
Publish Date:2019-07-11    
On the 16th, the Pingtung County Government mobilized 2,000 people from 33 township offices and community volunteers and the whole county held a "Dengue Fever Sources Cleaning and Disinfection Rally". County Mayor Meng-An Pan cleaned up the homeland together with all staff and put the "Check. Pour out. Clean. Brush" into practice. All liquid containers were cleaned out for comprehensive efforts on Dengue prevention. County Mayor Pan also called for the total mobilization of citizens and government agencies on the prevention of Dengue fever sources and the adherence to the practice of cleaning as priority and chemical control as support to completely eliminate the sources of disease.

The rally was jointly held by the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Public Health Bureau and the Pingtung City Government at Raey Guang Elementary School. After taking an oath, everyone started cleaning various sources of mosquitoes and their homes. County Mayor Meng-An Pan said that Pingtung County would select one township a week and have the township chief to mobilize community volunteers and social groups to carry out the "Neighborhood Cleaning Day". This is to advocate for the citizens to constantly "Check, pour out, clean and brush" any liquid containers which act as the breeding ground for mosquitoes around houses and neighborhoods.

County Mayor Meng-An Pan pointed out that in recent days, Pingtung County experienced heavy rain, and some areas in the county are prone to water accumulation and becoming a hotbed for Dengue fever vector. He urged people to take the initiative to inspect and clean up water containers around homes to prevent the breeding of vector mosquitoes to further reduce the risks of personal, family and community infection transmission. The comprehensive prevention measures would maintain the health of citizens and the quality of our living environment.

The Environmental Protection Bureau of the County stated that the consecutive rainy days would induce the breeding of Dengue vector mosquitoes and infection. The county government would not overlook this problem and would conduct key prevention measures in the populated Pingtung City. There are many commuters between Kaohsiung and Pingtung going to schools and work and many tourists, and people should take precautions in the epidemic area and take self-protection measures. Those who experience suspicious symptoms should go to the medical institutions and health centers equipped with NS1 rapid screening reagents. Medical institutions are also encouraged to report cases and shorten the symptom concealment period to facilitate better prevention practice. The spreading of viruses in communities leading to cases can then be restrained.

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