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2020 National junior high School Athletic Games in Pingtung 
Publish Date:2019-07-11    
Pingtung is in the southernmost part of Taiwan and is a county that is generally hot with little rain. The county has generated many fine and well-known athletes. After it held Taiwan's regional Athletic Games in 1996, the county never had the chance to host another national-level competition. The Pingtung County Government has been seeking for another opportunity and the Ministry of Education finally approves to have the county host the 2020 National junior high School Athletic Games.

County Mayor Pan has vigorously promoted sports and talent nurturing programs in three academic levels and five districts. The efforts include hiring coaches to develop 16 types of sports activities and repairing various competition venues in the County in hopes of finding opportunities to host national-level events. The problem with the insufficient length of old track lanes which could not be used to hold national-level events have been resolved after renovation to the tracks and the certification by Chinese Taipei Athletics Association, so the Pingtung County Government has been actively engaging in discussion with the central government to obtain approvals to host national-level events.

The 2020 National junior high School Athletic Games will have 15 mandatory, 2 elective (martial arts and roller skating) and 1 demonstration (woodball) sports. 20 venues holding competitions spread out in several townships in the County, allowing more participation from the local residents. It is expected that more than 12,000 athletes from other counties and cities will participate in the event.

The event will have the themes of "Mass mobilization to be good event hosts", " Quality competition venues to let athletes show everything they have", "Youth with honor and excellence" and "Pingtung rediscovery". The program implementation will be very different from the old practices, starting from the application acceptance all the way till the closing ceremony. Meng Chih Chiang, a well-known designer, is invited to design the identity system and mascots. There will also be a hero feast full of local characteristics, a drone show in the opening ceremony, hero walls in the arena and other unique elements of the event.

County Mayor Pan said that people of Pingtung have shown their passion in the Lantern Festival this year. Pingtung County is capable of hosting a sports event at a large magnitude. Athletes from all counties and cities are invited to give it all in the event, and people from all over the country are warmly welcomed in Pingtung to cheer for all athletes.

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