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Liuqiu Island Pilot Trial on Plastic-Free, Low-Carbon Low-Impact Tourism 
Publish Date:2019-05-14    
The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Executive Yuan and Pingtung County Government selected Liuqiu Island for the "Liuqiu Island Plastic-Free and Low-Carbon Island Demonstration Project" last year to combat the global threat to marine ecology posed by marine plastic waste. A press conference was held on the island on the 30th of this month to promote "plastic-free, low-carbon and low-impact tourism for Liuqiu Island." Key initiatives included the establishment of 24 locations where the "Liuqiu Green Mug" can be borrowed for free and replenished at 11 water coolers installed throughout the island. This makes it unnecessary for tourists to buy single-use plastic bottle products. If each person buys one less bottle of water, since Liuqiu Island welcomes around one million visitors each year this reduces the amount of waste by 100 plastic bottles. The use of around 50,000 single-use plastic bottles have been prevented since November last year. The EPA and Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) hopes this model can be introduced on Taiwan proper as well to reduce the amount of waste plastic and thus reduce the threat to the island's coastal waters and marine life. The best way to solve the problem of waste plastics is to target the source so that responsible vendors produce less single-use products.

To save the marine ecology, plastic reduction and going plastic-free must happen now. The EPA and DEP is appealing to local residents, the food & beverage industry and tourists to join in supporting the non-use of single-use cups, bottles and cutlery. We can all help the planet by going plastic-free and turning Liuqiu into a plastic-free island.

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