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Continuing training for volunteer firemen 
Publish Date:2019-06-17    
To carry out the training for volunteer firemen, improve the capabilities and train for the skills of disaster relief, demonstrate the functions of coordination, to enhance the usage by civilians to establish a national fire protection, we hope to provide the planned training for fellow volunteer firemen to enhance the function of civilian usage to provide a more complete disaster rescue service for people. The Second Fire Brigade Xinpi Squad of Pingtung County Fire Department has conducted the continuing training for their subordinate volunteer firemen and the course was the basic training for using ropes. Ropes are an indispensable tool in firemen’s disaster relief and can be used for many types of rescue such as: fire, land area, water area, mountain area, natural disasters, etc.

The course was intended to focus on the explanation on the types of ropes and knots, how to choose and the maintenance of the ropes, which would allow the volunteer firemen to further understand ropes, and to lecture the proper occasion to use it and its operation essentials. The volunteer firemen tried and practiced after the lecture and had great results.

It is intended to enhance the on-duty skills of disaster relief for the volunteer firemen through this training to improve the quality of work on disaster relief. Since there is limited manpower in the fire department, but unlimited resource may come from civilians, we hope that by this training, the volunteer firemen could demonstrate their capabilities on disaster relief and safeguard the safety of people’s lives and properties of Pingtung County together with police officers and firefighters.

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