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The Township City Library of Pingtung reopens. Multifunctional reading space attracting attention. 
Publish Date:2019-08-09    
The NT$80 million new construction and renovation of the Township Library of Pingtung has been completed. On the 28th, County Mayor Meng-An Pan and Pingtung City Mayor Xie-Song Lin co-chaired the opening ceremony. County Mayor Meng-An Pan said that it took about a year and a half to renovate the original buildings and the courtyard, construct new buildings and conduct landscaping. The multifunctional and user-friendly library, incorporating the yard, greenery and reading elements, will become the new model for all public library buildings in the county.

County Mayor Meng-An Pan said that reading is a symbol of a city's competitiveness and it can change people's life. In order to urge citizens to read, the county government launched a series of reading programs in 2017. Besides taking the inventory of books in 33 townships, renovation and expansion were conducted to the current libraries. An App was also developed for book borrowing, further improving the frequency of people borrowing books. These measures would improve the low borrowing rates at those public township libraries which look great on the outside. In the future, libraries' software management and utilization rate will be considered as part of the evaluation.

County Mayor Pan said that the re-opened Township Library of Pingtung connects both the old and new buildings to expand the total available space to create a comfortable reading environment. The buildings merge with the surrounding landscapes to become a local benchmark for other township libraries in the county. As for the construction of the county central library to be remodeled from the original office buildings of the Cultural Affairs Department, the project will start before the end of the year, and the facility will be unveiled with a new look in the future.

At the opening ceremony in the morning, many parents brought their children to wait in line to enter the reopened library. Amazed by the available space being expanded from approximately 1090 square meters to more than 2200 square meters, many people commented on how the renovated library became bigger and more beautiful.

The original part of the Township Library of Pingtung is styled after traditional Han Chinese classroom buildings and it incorporates the newly constructed compound to instill more thinking into space design catering to all ages, which include infant reading rooms, parent-child reading space, journal rooms, library rooms and self-study space. The seats are increased from 120 to 250, making the entire space brighter and more friendly and meeting the reading and learning needs of the public.

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