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Pingtung Performing Arts Center on Taiwan Architect Magazine 
Publish Date:2015-08-24    
Taiwan Architect Magazine has established for forty years, it has a very important position in professional field. In July (No. 487), Taiwan Architect Magazine has a special column for Pingtung Performing Arts Center, complimenting the design has the features of southern Taiwan. "Not only indoor but also outdoor is well designed and convenient for people to use".

Culture Affairs Department stats that Taiwan Architect Magazine has written down the development of Taiwanese buildings. Currently, it is published by ROC National Association of Architects. It is a great reference book in professional field, practitioner and a reference material for architect students. It is also a great way for foreigners to know more about Taiwan.

Pingtung County says that Pingtung Performing Arts Center has got the license, it will be open after the audio facilities are installed completely. It will be a crucial place for hosting events in southern Taiwan.

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