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Vehicles owned by people with physical or mental difficulties are automatically exempted from vehicle license tax as approved by the Finance and Taxation 
Publish Date:2020-04-01    
Finance and Taxation Bureau, Pingtung County expressed that vehicles owned and used by people with physical or mental difficulties were exempted from vehicle license tax only upon an application. However, according to Order of the Ministry of Financial Affairs issued on April 8, 2019, vehicles used and owned by people with physical or mental difficulties comply with tax exemption conditions and the tax competent authority shall proactively exempt the vehicle license tax thereof with one vehicle at maximum. The tax exemption shall become effective according to the examination date specified on the disability identification and can be traced back to January 1, 2019 as the earliest.

The Bureau also expressed that those who do not have a driver’s license due to their physical or mental difficulties may, with respect to the vehicle owned or used by their spouse or relative within the second degree (must be registered in the same household), apply for the exemption of vehicle license tax. Besides, the said tax exemption is restricted to only the tax of total displacement of cylinder at 4,200 and to only one vehicle per person with physical or mental difficulties. No tax exemption will be offered to the exceeding parts.

In case of having further questions, please dial the service line (08)8354780 Ex. 302-305 or the free hotline 0800-88120. Our Bureau will serve you sincerely.