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Opening of Pingtung ACG Exhibition, attracting Contestants from all around to take part in Cosplay Contest 
Publish Date:2019-09-10    
The 2019 Pingtung ACG Exhibition opened on August 31st, and held a cosplay contest that has attracted all kinds of contestants. The various eye-catching characters portrayed by the cosplayers have allowed people to experience the charm of the ACG culture.

“Budo Youth in the passionate Pingtung” The Pingtung ACG Exhibition took place in the newly-renovated Pingtung Martial Arts Hall, and used “Kendo” as the exhibition’s theme. The exhibition invited 16 young CG artists such as REI, Yao Month, and Mickey Man, and reached out to 14 famous Taiwanese cartoonists to exhibit their work. The exhibition’s static displays, doujin C&C market, and cosplay contest displayed the diverse contents of the ACG culture.

County magistrate Pan Mengan said that the Cultural Affairs Department has planned a series of art and cultural activities for children and teenagers this summer. The series starts with the Children’s Carnival in July, the Youth Art Festival in August, and the ACG Exhibition as the final event. The county government has invited 30 CG artists and cartoonists from various parts of Taiwan, allowing everyone to experience ACG culture and display the soft power of Pingtung.

The opening of the Pingtung ACG Exhibition was kicked off with a performance by the cute girl group “Emergency Equation,” and saw many fans come to support their opening performance. The Cosplay competition was divided into individual and group competitions, and more than ten groups of cosplay fans signed up for the competition. The inspiration for the cosplayers came from comics, e-Sport, and even PiLi Puppets, featuring role plays of "Thunderbolt Fantasy,” and “Vocaloid Haku.” The participants nailed down every movement and emotion of their characters, and the action-packed performances along with their props allowed them to fully portray the spirit of the characters. Their performances left many audience members in awe of their portrayals.

The ACG Exhibition will last until September 22nd, and will invite cartoonist Chang Chungchin and Yooooko to share their comic creation experiences at Pingtung Art Museum on the morning of September 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday). People are more than welcome to listen to them share their experiences.

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