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TAIWAN FidO (T-FidO) tax inquiry and payment service 
Publish Date:2020-05-22    
Finance and Taxation Bureau of Pingtung County expressed that, to facilitate the tax payment and continuously promote e-tax payment, the new mobile certificate authentication and tax inquiry/payment function had been added. Citizens who have the Citizen Digital Certificate can make tax inquiry and payment using the mobile phone by connecting it with the certificate.

The Bureau further expressed that, apart from using registered NHI card, Citizen Digital Certificate, MOEACA ID card and Financial CA ID Card to make tax inquiry and payment at local tax online reporting website (https://net.tax.nat.gov.tw), the Taiwan Fast ID Online (T-FidO) tax inquiry and payment service had been added to expand the e-payment channels. By downloading the T-FidO app, registering the Citizen Digital Certificate on the T-FidO app website (https://fido.moi.gov.tw), connecting the certificate with mobile phone and passing mobile identity authentication, citizens will be able to log in local tax online reporting website by scanning their fingerprint or faceprint using a mobile device and make tax inquiry or payment accordingly.

By logging in and passing the authentication of the said tax payment service website five days before the beginning and within two days after the end of three major taxes’ levy period (the vehicle license tax in April and vehicle license tax for commercial vehicles in October; house tax in May; and land value tax in November), taxpayers will receive information automatically retrieved by the system, including the payment type, write-off number, payment amount, payment deadline and period code. The taxpayers can then make an online payment using a credit/ debit card or through the current (saving) deposit account.

Where the taxpayer loses the tax payment notice or fails to receive it due to the change of address or working in non-domiciled location, the taxpayer is not obliged to submit a reissue application by going to the taxation bureau of where the assets are located or contact therewith by telephone. Instead, the taxpayer can directly log in the website to check the tax payment details or make an immediate online payment. You are welcome to use this new service for time-saving convenience!