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During the prevention of COVID-19, do not forget to give your pet a rabies vaccine  
Publish Date:2020-05-22    
While COVID-19 continues to spread, it is important not to ignore other important diseases. Rabies is a statutory zoonotic disease in Taiwan and almost all warm-blooded animals can be affected thereby. The rabies virus is mainly transmitted through being bitten and the mortality rate for rabies in human is almost 100% after the symptom appears. Currently, the transmission of rabies virus is limited only to wild animals, such as ferret badger and masked palm civet. The most effective way to stop the spread of rabies is to give your pet a rabies vaccine each year as it will ensure the health of your pet, your family and yourself.

Pingtung County Government has, according to the announcements of Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease, requested pet owners to give their pets (i.e. dog, cat or other captive land carnivore animals that eat meat, such as marten and raccoon) above three months old a rabies vaccine; and to request certification and neck plate from the veterinarian. Those who violate Article 45 of Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease will be imposed with a fine that ranges from NTD30,000 to NTD150,000. Starting from this year, Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center will notify all pet owners of aforesaid matters by SMS and mail. For citizens who receive the SMS or notice, please do not worry about it too much. As long as you have followed the notice to give your pet a rabies vaccine, you will not be fiend.

Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center holds “Free Rabies Vaccine Campaign” at various sites within the county on a regular basis. In May, this campaign will take place in Sandimen Township. All citizens are requested to bring the letter of notice, your personal ID card and your pet to the address and on the date specified below. In response to COVID-19 prevention measures, all citizens must wear a mask; and cooperate to measure your body temperature, sterilize your hands and keep their social distance (at least 1 m) with the others. It is also important to note that citizens who undergo home quarantine, home isolation or self-health management must not participate in this event. For detailed information about this campaign or other campaigns that will be held in other areas of Pingtung, please dial the number of 08-7224109 Ext. 21 or go to the official website of Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center for more information.