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Advanced preparations for flood season: Another upgrade of the County Government’s flood prevention capacity 
Publish Date:2020-05-22    
In response to the incoming flood season, Pingtung County Government has advanced its preparations therefor this year. Apart from preparing and deploying 15 pumping stations and 133 mobile pumping machines within the county, the County Government has inspected all rainwater/drainage box culverts, regional drainage systems and ditches in different sizes; and completed all dredging works. Department of Water Resources indicated that, to minimize damages during the flood and typhoon seasons, the County Government also issued an open contract to flood prevention contractors, asking them to stand by and make an immediate repair response work whenever it is necessary.

With respect to the County Government’s flood prevention works over the years, Mayor Pan Meng-an expressed that the County Government not only adopted network technology to prevent potential hazards, but also established flood warning and monitoring systems and facilities; and conducted comprehensive water control works from the perspective of national land planning. Examples of regulating upstream creeks; renovating midstream river channels; and building flood detention ponds are used to improve the flooding issues in flood hotspots within the county.

Mayor Pan Meng-an further pointed out that, by taking last year as an example, the County Government had successively established retention ponds, detention ponds and pumping stations in Jiadong Township; and purchased 15 large-size mobile pumping machines and established new pumping stations along Artery (A) of Linbian Township to enhance the pumping and drainage capacity of these low areas. This year, the County Government already regulated creeks next to Sangyuan water purification plant in Mudan Township; renovated the drainage system between the Jiukuaibi Bridge of Wuluo River (downstream) and New Wuluo Bridge; constructed the Sanxihe Farm detention pool of the first drainage canal of Donggang Township; and replaced blades of pumping machines located at pumping stations along the Linbian Drainage Canal. With years of efforts, the County Government has, by gradually enhanced all regions’ flood prevention capacity, succeeded in lowering the impacts of wet seasons to citizens of Pingtung.

Department of Water Resources indicated that the County already established 15 pumping stations, which consisted of 51 pumping units and 109 water gates thereof, 133 mobile pumping machines, 6,257 flood control blocks and 6,453 FIBC bags, in flood-prone areas. With respect to important waters or road sections, the County Government also installed 45 rain gauging stations, 4 tide gauge stations, 43 water level measuring stations, 43 video surveillance stations consisted of 130 surveillance systems, and 29 smart water gauge sensors. The said devices can transmit county-wide real-time water information to the emergency operation center to facilitate the decision-making process.

Concerning the drainage systems of 12 rivers controlled by the county, 92 regional drainage systems, urban planning sewer systems and other water conservancy facilities established on hillsides and creeks, not only subsidizes the County Government dredging projects conducted by city and township offices, but also the Department of Water Resources has targeted flood prone areas (Donggang, Fangliao and Linbian between May to November; and Neipu and Xinyuan after the strike of typhoon last year) to conduct sewer opening investigations, remove miscellaneous objects in connecting pipes of side ditches and clear rainwater/drainage box culverts; and issued open contracts to contractors, requesting them to conduct emergency repair works whenever it is necessary. Department of Water Resources also appealed to all city and township offices to be altered during the flood prevention period and to make a good preparation for the incoming flood season.

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