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Sichongxi hot-spring season was opened, showing the fascinating scene of purple lavender lighting 
Publish Date:2018-11-21    
Starting from November 10, 2018, the Sichongxi hot-spring season will be unveiled. In addition to the warm beauty hot spring, Pingdong County government specially built a beautiful lavender purple lighting scene in Sichongxi hot-spring Park, which is bright, romantic and beautiful!

The Sichongxi hot-spring, which has been famous since Japan’s reign, has been newly built in Japanese style by the county government in recent years to create a hot spring village atmosphere. This year, the lighting is further decorated with purple and cherry blossoms. The County Magistrate Pan Meng’an presided over the opening of the hot spring season on the evening of the 10th. When the lights of the garden lit up and stepped into the sparkling large scene of lights, just like walking in the purple sea of flowers; the cherry blossom petals are projected into the foot soaking pool and onto the footpath as if they were under the cherry tree. A happy chair is also set up to let tourists enjoy this beautiful moment. Even the local residents are amazed, “I didn’t think Sichongxi could be so beautiful”!

“When the falling mountain wind blows, Sichongxi hot-spring will enter the peak season,” Pan Meng’an said, Sichongxi hot-spring is colorless, tasteless, drinkable and alkaline carbonate spring, and has the reputation of “Beauty Hot Spring”. After soaking in hot spring, you can go to the Hot Spring Park for a stroll, and take beautiful photos as an online sensation. It will help you feel comfortable.

In addition to the Sichongxi hot-spring season, the county government held a Amid the Howling Wind Art Season in Haikou Port, near Checheng Township, with nearly 30 works of art moving with the wind, making Hengchun Peninsula in autumn and winter dynamic and interesting. The Tourism and Communication Office specially launched a connecting bus service to facilitate tourists to “visit amid the howling wind during the day and soak in hot springs at night”.

From now on until March 3 next year, during the Sichongxi hot-spring season and Amid the Howling Wind Art Season, the connecting bus will travel every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and will be suspended on New Year’s Eve and the first day of the Lunar New Year. The connecting bus is divided into two routes. The first route starts from Fangliao Railway Station and stops at Haikou Port Travel Service Center, Checheng Junior High School, Sichongxi hot-spring Park and Damei Intersection Station. There are two round-trip buses on Friday, and five round-trip buses on Saturday and Sunday. The second route starts from Damei Intersection Station, stops at Sichongxi hot-spring Park, Checheng Junior High School and Hengchun Transfer Station, and finally arrives at Longpan Park. There are two round-trip buses on Friday, three on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The Department of Information and Tourism pointed out that this year’s Sichongxi hot-spring season has already set off a discussion upsurge on the Internet to promote local reservation rates, and the county government has also cooperated with the operators in particular. Tourists will enjoy a discount on value when they spend money at such 9 business partners, such as Sichongxi hot-spring Hotel and Sichongxi hot-spring Hotel Restaurant etc. with the activity leaflets during the hot spring season. Moreover, during the activity, tourists can exchange a limited amount of souvenir Congbao towel after check out the invoice or receipt at Haikou Port Ship Waiting Room and Hot Spring Park Travel Service Center as long as they stay for one night in Checheng Township or Sichongxi hot-spring Area, or if the food and beverage consumption is over NT $1000.

The County Magistrate Pan Meng’an welcomes the public to Sichongxi to soak up the beauty hot spring, enjoy Japanese lanterns and taste the delicacies of old streets. For details of the activity, please visit the official website of Pingdong County Government.
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