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Pingtung County School Club Carnival – Super Exciting and Filled with Passion 
Publish Date:2019-09-10    
"Youth, is a time where you fully explore it!" The super-popular finale of this summer, “The Pingtung County School Club Carnival,” kicked off at National Chaochou Senior High School on the afternoon of August 28th. The clubs from the county’s junior high school, senior high school, and universities were invited to participate and exchange with one another. A total of 19 schools enthusiastically participated in the Carnival, while student from the Pingtung Special Education School also came to participate in the Carnival. The lights at the event and the passionate performances by each schools’ clubs kept audiences entertained. County magistrate Pan Mengan was amazed at the students’ magnificent performances, and even put on funny and scary faces to blend in as he took selfies with the students, garnering plenty of laughter from the audience members.

County magistrate Pan Mengan stated that the purpose of holding the School Club Carnival was to provide a platform for inter-school exchanges among youngsters, and encourage high school students to join school clubs. In doing so, students will be able to improve their competitiveness upon entering society and the workforce, and initiate their public participation. The performances by the students were full of enthusiasm and vitality, and displayed the passionate spirit of the high school clubs.

"I am emotionally moved differently each year!" County Magistrate Pan Mengan said emotionally as he watched the students exert youthful energy into their performances, and allowing many people to recall their youths as they grew up. The County Magistrate has actively encouraged high school students to join school clubs to improve their competitiveness in the future, and initiate their public participation. Making investments in the youth is investing in the future of Taiwan. The County Magistrate has worked hard to create a youthful image of Pingtung. The carnival arranged for audiences to play interactive games to experience school clubs, allowing people to have an unforgettable and youthful night as the teachers and parents get to see the achievements of their children’s clubs.

The event was organized based on the characteristics of the school clubs, which included a "Main Stage Performance Area" to provide students with an opportunity to perform on a big stage; the "Music-Rock School Carnival Area" that provides a musical clubs to put on performance; the "Dancing-Chaozhou breaking workshop area" for dance clubs to have exchange classes; a "3 v 3 School Cup" basketball competition, and a "Club Interactive Challenge” for young students from all schools to take on different club challenges. The finale performance invited the band Danson and beautiful singer A-FU to provide brilliant visual and musical experiences. The non-stop passionate performances made the carnival beautiful as the night became deeper.

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