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Never before in Taiwan! 300 drones lit up the sky to highlight the Taiwan Lantern Festival for the whole world  
Publish Date:2019-02-26    
The 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival gave a big surprise to Pingtung! The 3-dimension visual display on land, at sea and in the air was the theme of the Taiwan Lantern Festival of This Year. As usual, lanterns were exhibited on land and at sea. In addition, INTEL was invited to perform in the air with drones. It was the first time in Taiwan that 300 drones were involved in the performance of the Taiwan Lantern Festival in the sky. The word “Pingtung” and “TAIWAN” appeared in the sky with the light effect of the drones that enchanted the audience.

There were several innovative ideas for the Taiwan Lantern Festival of this year in Pingtung, including the design of the head lantern not in the shape of the zodiac. Instead, the “Big Tuna for Wealth” head lantern remained in exhibition in DaPeng Bay after the end of the event. This was also the first time that lanterns and light fixtures were decorated at sea. The invitation of INTEL to perform with drones was also the first of its kind in the history of lantern festivals of Taiwan.

The Intel Technology drone show has been hosted many worldwide events, like the 2016 DFL-Super Cup” and the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang of Korea, which set many new records and surprised the world, according to Mayor Pan Meng-An of Pingtung County.

As early as in the preparation phase of the lantern festival, Pingtung County Government has already liaised with and visited INTEL in a positive attitude, and even requested the American Institute in Taiwan to facilitate the communication. Their work has not been made in vain with the approval of the INTEL team to perform. Coincidentally, this was also the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hua Nan Bank of Taiwan that shared the cause of this event together with the magnanimous sponsorship of Che Cheng Fu An Temple. With concerted effort of this kind, all people in Taiwan could have a peak of the latest hi-tech light show.

Intel Technology specifically designed the pattern for the Taiwan Lantern Festival of this year. In the rehearsal of the show with the 300 drones, Intel lined up the drones in different patterns in the sky at nighttime, from black tuna, yacht, Pingtung, Eluanbi Lighthouse, to TAIWAN. They even exhibited a smile of the God of the Land. The audiences could see the familiar elements of Pingtung in the sky at nighttime with stunning and astounding effect that “The Taiwan Lantern Festival is Fantastic”!

Mayor Pan Meng-An thanked the hearty work of INTEL, and mentioned that “The black tuna is vital to the economy of Donggang, yachting is a leisure pastime at sea eagerly promoted by Pingtung, and Eluanbi Lighthouse is the landmark of the southernmost of the boundary of Taiwan, and the God of the Land at the Che Cheng Fu An Temple in Q version”. These elements of Pingtung were presented to its entirety in the sky of Pingtung at nighttime to allow the whole world to know Pingtung.

The Intel Technology drone show will appear in the sky over the territorial water of Pingtung after the main lantern show, and the show time is arranged at: February 19 in the opening ceremony at 19:34, February 23, 24, and 28, and March 1 and 2, at 20:06, and the concluding ceremony on March 3 at 21:35. The public is invited to share this worldly show. For further information about the time and place of the show, please visit the official website at https://2019taiwanlantern.tw.
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