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Striving for a share of the national tourism market: Mayor of Pingtung County Pan Men-an headed north to promote the “Three-Guarantee Travel Package” 
Publish Date:2020-06-22    
Striving for a share of the national tourism market after the epidemic, Mayor of Pingtung County Pan Men-an headed north with his team on the 11th to promote the tourism of Pingtung. Themed on the three guarantees – “guaranteed bonus”, “guaranteed subsidy” and “guaranteed fun” – specially designed to attract resident tourists, this three-guarantee travel package not only offers a wide range of discount, bonus, group travel subsidy and travel routes to tourists, but also promotes agricultural products of Pingtung. Mayor Pan Men-an highlighted that Pingtung was renowned for tourism and was the paradise of flowers and fruits on the island. “Come to Pingtung and you will be guaranteed to have good fun, good food and good shopping!”

Following the slowdown of COVID-19 spread, the country starts to promote post-epidemic tourism norms. Chen Shih-chung, the Chief Commander of Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), even shouted the slogan “the new epidemic prevention lifestyle starts from Pingtung” when he led his team (nicknamed “the epidemic prevention MayDay”) to Kenting at the end of May. As the matter of fact, Pingtung has long been a popular tourist spot before the outbreak of COVID-19. Not only is it surrounded by Pacific Ocean, Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel, but also it has the majesty Beidawu Mountain(over 3000 meters above sea level), offshore islands, hot springs and multi-ethnic culture. Whether tourists are fond of hiking, playing in water or experiencing hospitality of local people, Pingtung is definite the top choice for promoting national tourism.

To welcome the summer's peak tourist season around the corner, Mayor Pan Men-an personally led his team to the north to exchange ideas on national tourism action plan with other counties and cities. Mayor Pan Men-an expressed that, to strive for a share of the national tourism market, Pingtung’s tourism industry also launched a cross-regional tourism action plan with fantastic special offers across food, accommodation, travel, shopping and transportation. Themed on “guaranteed bonus”, “guaranteed subsidy” and “guaranteed fun”, this three-guarantee travel package is offered to both individual and group tourists, hoping to attract them to visit Pingtung:

Guaranteed bonus: by staying at a hostel or hotel of Pingtung that joins the “guaranteed bonus” activity from June 15 to July 15, tourists will be offered with a discount on food and entrance tickets; and the opportunity of purchasing local delicacy, gift-set and the surprise grab bag of mini-royal steed horse by paying only additional NTD10. Regardless of room booking channels, these special offers will be given to all tourists who comply with the said conditions.

Guaranteed travel subsidy: for tourist groups that have more than 10 people, stay in a legal hostel/hotel of Pingtung for more than two nights and visit at least 1 classic sightseeing spot, each person of the group will be offered with a subsidy of NTD500. However, the subsidy is restricted to maximum NTD10,000 per group and the departure date of the group must be before July 15. The objective of this special offer is to support travel agencies to promote tourist group packages.

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