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T.F.C.F “Help Learning, Spread Love” Scholarship Ceremony in 2016 
Publish Date:2016-08-30    
On Aug. 19th, T.F.C.F held “Help Learning, Spread Love” scholarship awarding ceremony at county government. This year, there were 163 senior high school students and 162 college students been awarded. Pingtung county magistrate Pan Meng-An came in person and told students to utilize the society resources and face challenges and keep the spirits of learning continually. This courageous speech lifted the spirits of students. This year the scholarship provided by T.F.C.F. will give to 820 students from elementary, junior, senior and college. The number was 4.5 million dollars to stabilize the learning of students and make them learn continually.

Mr. Pan pointed out that thanks to the support given by Lions Clubs International and Rotary International for county policies and public benefit. County government will spare no efforts in making kids feel unworried about other things than learning. Last year, county government saved the money from fireworks and organized part-time job for students older than senior high. Students felt secured and were creative in public institutions. Letting students join public policy is the best citizen education. Last but not least, Mr. Pan notified students to cherish the hard to get society resources and felt thankful to give feedback to the society in the future.

Due to poor economic condition, students who get help from T.F.C.F whose families are worried before the start of semester. To let them learn continually, T.F.C.F recruits scholarship during winter and summer vacations. In the process, social workers will bring them join services to give feedback to society. They felt that this activity was hard, so they utilize scholarship in learning. They learn and become tougher. This year they have certificate and scholarship to give those who are good at learning and techniques a big hand and hope that students can be much better in learning.

Jian-Zhi who studied in fourth year of university in social workers department, he has got help from T.F.C.F. since 13th grade. Because of the help continuously, Jian-Zhi felt the warm feelings given from people. This summer vacations, Jian-Zhi strived to choose and get opportunity for practice in T.F.C.F. He said that in the following year, he will be graduate and start his work, giving as a feedback for those who inspired and assisted them, He hope to be a nice social work in the future.

The “Hope Ladder” in the awarding ceremony depicted every phase of students from kindergarten to university. They got help from others and brought their hope and intentions to be a better person and step into a independent life goal.

T.F.C.F general director, Fang Wen-Zhe, who found HCP Pump Manufacturer Co., he lived in poverty when he was little. Now as more than 70 years old, he keeps learning and encourages students who undergone severe environment. He said learning without ending and be a person who can give back to society. He hoped the love and care given to T.F.C.F were spread of love and will be brighter on every students who got help from them.


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