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Got cabin fever? Take your pet to have a walk at Pingtung Pet Riverside Park! 
Publish Date:2020-04-01    
As the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues, people must minimize the chance of entering an isolated space during the anti-epidemic period. Where it is necessary, please wear a facial mask and wash hands frequently. People are also suggested to bring their pets to have some fresh air outdoor during the fight against this novel coronavirus.

Director of Agriculture Department, Pingtung County Government Huang Guo-Jung expressed “Affected by the epidemic, people are scared to stay in places without ventilation. The riverside park located at the bottle land next to the old iron bridge in suburbs of Pingtung City has spacious grasslands that stretch to the horizon and have good air circulation. In the park, there is a 0.2 ha of Pet Park, which has recently completed the fence and recreation facility maintenance works. Together with the nearby courts, Pingtung Old Iron Bridge, good access to parking, this park that is close to the city offers great convenience and diversity to all citizens. We welcome you to use relevant facilities.

In response to the epidemic situation, Pingtung County Government reminds the pet owners to abide by the following anti-epidemic health management measures to ensure their safety and health:

1. To keep a distance of at least 1 m with the others.

2. Wash hands with the soap before and after the activity.

3. Do not touch eyes, mouth or nose with your hands during the activity.

4. Do not have intimate contacts with people (dog) when greeting to each other.

5. If you feel sick or have respiratory symptoms, do not go out!

In case of having any opinion or suggestions, please dial (08)732-0415(Ext. 3760 to 3767) to build Pingtung into an animal friendly city with us.

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