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Unveiled the Taiwan Lantern Festival Street Party and Parade to welcome our guests  
Publish Date:2019-02-26    
The Taiwan Lantern Festival was unveiled in DaPeng Bay of Donggang, Pingtung, on February 19 by a grand opening ceremony. Fourteen teams from Mie-Ken, Kochi-Ken, and Hokkaido of Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Hakka people and aboriginal people of Taiwan participated in the street party and parade at 2 pm along GuangFu Road of Donggang. The street was alive with the vibrant rhythm of Taiko and passionate dance of the performers. All performing teams showed their best skills in the street party to catch the eyes of the tourists to share the joy of an international lantern festival.

The street party and parade started at 2 pm. The national puppet show performing team of Vietnam, the UST Legazpi Dancing Team of the Philippines, and other 5 performance teams from Japan and the distinctive costume show by the YOSAKOI team of Kochi-ken of Japan were in the parade in uniform motion and linear dancing in the street party. The hopping Taiko team from Chiba-Ken of Japan demonstrated the exceptional beat and rhythm in praying for a harvest and expressing their thanks to the God of the Sea. The “Sachihoko” Student Team from the Nagoya Castle Summer Festival showed their passion to wake up those in a deep sleep and all these dancers are energetic and full of laughter. Sapporo city of Hokkaido, Japan, performed the YOSAKOI show, a distinctive local feature of Sapporo. The event was filled with Japanese style traditional dancing for celebration and blessing. The distinctive costume and styles won the applause of the viewers.

There were Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Arts Troupe participating in the traditional street party and parade and have brought about a revolutionary change from the traditional event of the same kind, which mainly focus on the ritual for blessing. The Narlu Bay Performing Team combined the traditional and innovative elements in presenting the dance and songs of the aboriginal people. Traditional Hakka folk songs and dance were also performed. The local Dong Long Da Han Orchestra of Donggang, and Shi jia jiang of Donggang founding Gong Shan Temple also participated in the celebration and blessing for Taiwan. All the events heated up the seafood street on that day.

Director Chou Yung-Huei of the Bureau of Tourism, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Mayor Pan Meng-An of Pingtung County, Mayor Hsu Chi-Hsiung of Donggang Township, and celebrated guests watched the performance of these teams and shared the joy with the public to embrace the Taiwan Lantern Festival.

President Tsai Ing-Wen hosted the light-up ceremony of the Lantern Festival on the evening of February 19, which was highlighted by the 3-dimenional show from land, sea, and air to unveil the event. It was followed by the musical and surface stunt skill performance of the Ilotopie Theater of France, and the twinkling of the drones in the sky to capture the hearts of the audiences.
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