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Betel Nut
Specialty product: Betel Nut
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Wanluan Township,Neipu Township,Jhutian Township,
Type:Special crops
Produced between April and September, besides chewing, the refreshing, crisp areca tender shoots can also be used as a culinary ingredient.
Specialty product: Coffee
Main production area(s): Sandimen Township,Wanluan Township,Neipu Township,Taiwu Township,
Type:Special crops
There are roughly 200 hectares of coffee plantations in Pingtung County, including Neibu, Wanluan, Yanbu, Sandimen and Taiwu etc. The coffee is usually planted in an environment shaded by the foliage of the betel nut trees to create the ideal growing conditions. As a result, coffee cultivated in this unique environment emanates unparalleled aroma compared to regular coffee.