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Superior Quality Rice
Specialty product: Superior Quality Rice
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Sinyuan Township,Donggang Township,
Type:Rice and grains
Mainly cultivated in Xinyuan, Gaoshu and Donggang, the Rice Kaohsiung 145 superior quality rice developed over the recent years has established Pingtung’s reputation for producing superior quality rice.
Adzuki Beans
Specialty product: Adzuki Beans
Main production area(s): Sinyuan Township,Wandan Township,
Type:Rice and grains
The county boasts the largest adzuki bean plantation area in the country. Cultivated mainly in Wandan and Xinyuan, the areas are known as the hometown of adzuki beans. The adzuki beans produced are processed into adzuki bean soup and adzuki bean and rice bran to enhance the added value.