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Wax apple
Specialty product: Wax apple
Main production area(s): Fangliao Township,
Wax apple is the most famous product among the specialty goods in Pingtung and it owns the name of "black pearl". Under the careful cultivation of Pingtung County farmers, the tropical fruit Wax apple is available for sale throughout the four seasons. As a result, Pingtung primary products play a leading role in the agricultural history. With soil and water, the fertilizer is also essential to the cultivation of bigger, darker and sweeter wax apple which wins the consumers' favor. At present, the origin of black pearl are on the coastal areas of Nanchou, Linpien and Fangliao.
Aiwen Mango
Specialty product: Aiwen Mango
Main production area(s): Fangliao Township,Shihzih Township,Taiwu Township,Fangshan Township,Laiyi Township,
Since the production area is located in southernmost Taiwan, together with favorable conditions such as the local climate, soil and the farmers’ professional management technique, the Aiwen mango is always the first to be sold on the market at lucrative prices, thus making it a high value crop. Besides fresh fruit, the region also offers processed foods such as dried mango and diced mango.
Specialty product: Mango
Main production area(s): Sandimen Township,Wanluan Township,
The main production areas are in Sandimen and Wanluan. Before and after Chinese New Year every year, tourists flocking to Sandimen for sightseeing are allured by the aroma and appearance of mangoes. In addition to self-consumption, they often also purchase mangoes as souvenirs; thus, mangoes have gradually developed into a local industry.
Specialty product: Banana
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Chaojhou Township,Wanluan Township,Ligang Township,Yanpu Township,
Bananas are mainly cultivated in Gaoshu, Yanbu, Ligang, Chaozhou and Wanluan. Although the main production period is between February and June, bananas are actually produced all year round. Tips for selecting bananas: choose ones with plump bodies, less conspicuous lines on the skin and smooth endings.
Specialty product: Pineapple
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Wanluan Township,Neipu Township,
Pineapples are produced from March to July every year in Gaoshu, Neibu and Wanluan. Pineapples grown in the county offer outstanding quality, sweetness and flavor that is highly popular among consumers. The proactive exportation of pineapples has demonstrated excellent results in recent years.
Specialty product: Papaya
Main production area(s): Changjhih Township,Gaoshu Township,Neipu Township,Sinpi Township,
The best papayas are grown between July and October in Gaoshu, Xinbi, Changzhi and Neibu. The county’s papayas are cultivated using the “Screen house cultivation technique”, thus enduring their fresh, delicious flavor and high nutritional value, in turn making papaya one of the most popular fruits among consumers.
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