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Specialty product: Rose
Main production area(s): Jiouru Township,Ligang Township,
The winter rose cultivated in southern Taiwan has gradually risen to prominence due to its outstanding quality and staggered production period from rose production in central Taiwan. The golden production period is from December to March next year. Rose plantations in Jiuru and Ligang span an area of roughly nine hectares. Recently, in order to expand the marketing channel, rose related products such as Eau De Rose, rose teabags and rose flavored foods have been developed.
Specialty product: Oncidium
Main production area(s): Jhutian Township,
Oncidium has yellow flowers that resemble a group of dancing girls during full bloom; therefore, it is also known as dancing-lady orchid. Swaying in the gentle breeze, the Oncidium portrays a wonderful image. Oncidium is produced in Zhutian Township of this county during winter, often in the millions. The constantly improving preservation, shipping and packing technologies have significantly enhanced the quality of Oncidium exported and it is extremely popular in Japan, thereby transforming rose cultivation into a golden business.
Ginger Lily
Specialty product: Ginger Lily
Main production area(s): Changjhih Township,Yanpu Township,
Mainly produced in Yanbu and Changzhi during May and October every year, the fragrant flower is not only used for viewing purposes; various recipes have been developed using ginger lilies to produce flavorsome dishes.
Potting and leaf materials
Specialty product: Potting and leaf materials
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Neipu Township,Jhutian Township,Yanpu Township,
Mainly cultivated in Neibu, Yanbu, Gaoshu and Zhutian, Pingtung’s climate is conducive for growing flower arranging leaf materials such as yellow palm and fruit salad plant. The added values of the plants are further elevated by expanding the export channel.