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Specialty product: Tuna
Main production area(s): Donggang Township,
Bluefin tuna has the laudatory title of “King of Tuna”. Together with Sergestid shrimp and mullet roe, they form the Three Treasures of Donggang. Bluefin tuna’s fresh, delicious flavor is rich in fat, vitamin E and DHA, making it the holy grail of sashimi for gourmands.
Sergestid Shrimp
Specialty product: Sergestid Shrimp
Main production area(s): Donggang Township,
Sergestid shrimps are petite and delicate, with adult shrimps measuring about 5cm long. The shell of the Sergestid shrimp is thin, tender and it offers a refreshing, succulent texture that is rich in calcium, phosphorous and proteins, thus it is the best source of natural calcium for children and senior citizens. Furthermore, it is also the ideal ingredient for women’s beauty care and nutritional supplement for pregnant women. They are processed into unique-flavored snacks that are perfect as souvenirs.