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Adzuki Beans
Specialty product: Adzuki Beans
Main production area(s): Sinyuan Township,Wandan Township,
Type:Rice and grains
The county boasts the largest adzuki bean plantation area in the country. Cultivated mainly in Wandan and Xinyuan, the areas are known as the hometown of adzuki beans. The adzuki beans produced are processed into adzuki bean soup and adzuki bean and rice bran to enhance the added value.
Betel Nut
Specialty product: Betel Nut
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Wanluan Township,Neipu Township,Jhutian Township,
Type:Special crops
Produced between April and September, besides chewing, the refreshing, crisp areca tender shoots can also be used as a culinary ingredient.
Specialty product: Coffee
Main production area(s): Sandimen Township,Wanluan Township,Neipu Township,Taiwu Township,
Type:Special crops
There are roughly 200 hectares of coffee plantations in Pingtung County, including Neibu, Wanluan, Yanbu, Sandimen and Taiwu etc. The coffee is usually planted in an environment shaded by the foliage of the betel nut trees to create the ideal growing conditions. As a result, coffee cultivated in this unique environment emanates unparalleled aroma compared to regular coffee.
Specialty product: Onion
Main production area(s): Checheng Township,Hengchun Township,Fangshan Township,
Produced mainly in Hengchun, Checheng and Fangshan of the Hengchun Peninsula, the onions are plump and large thanks to the local Luosanfung (windy) climate. Onions are delicious and have nourishing, stress-relieving and beautification properties; therefore, Japanese people favor them. Moreover, they can be produced into onion chips, preserved onions and onion paste for the consumers’ enjoyment.
Specialty product: Gherkin
Main production area(s): Ligang Township,
Gherkins are produced in Ligang Township in northern Pingtung, the hub of flower, fruit and vegetable production in the county, thereby ensuring their outstanding quality.
Bird’s Nest Fern
Specialty product: Bird’s Nest Fern
Main production area(s): Shihzih Township,Fangshan Township,
The county is one of the most important production regions for Bird’s Nest Fern. Ever since the indigenous community developed it into a type of edible wild herb, the consumers have welcomed its crisp, flavorsome taste. Bird’s Nest Fern prefers to grow in cool, damp environments; thus, it propagates readily in the wild in low elevation forests. The yellow, green tender leaves are the main edible regions. It is crisp, smooth and lush, suitable for stir-frying, boiling, braising or serving as a cold dish. In particular, stir-fried Bird’s Nest Fern with small dried fish is the signature dish of the vegetable.
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