Specialty product: Litchi
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Neipu Township,Hengchun Township,
Pingtung’s litchi plantation is concentrated in Hengchun, Gaoshu and Neibu. Thanks to the region’s favorable climate, litchi harvest occurs half month ahead of other municipalities. The area’s clear water quality and temperature fluctuations between day and night culminate in the unique sweetness of the litchis.
Specialty product: Starfruit
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Ligang Township,
Mainly cultivated in Gaoshu, Ligang and Yanbu using the “Screen house cultivation technique”, starfruit from Ligang, Pingtung is now synonymous with high quality fruit thanks to the incessant endeavors of the production and marketing class.
Specialty product: Lemon
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Jiouru Township,Ligang Township,Yanpu Township,
The main production period is between May and June. Besides being an abundant source of vitamin C in the lemon juice, the lemon zest is often used as a culinary ingredient to enhance the food flavor due to its essential oil aroma. In addition, it can also be placed in the fridge for deodorization.
Specialty product: Jujube
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,
Jujubes in this county are produced during December and February the following year. The main production region is in Gaoshu, which is located inside the water resource protection zone; therefore, the jujubes produced here are endowed with bright, shiny skin and sweet, refreshing succulence. The jujubes are favored by consumers and they have become the most popular souvenir during Chinese New Year.
Specialty product: Coconut
Main production area(s): Changjhih Township,Linluo Township,Hengchun Township,Yanpu Township,
The main production period is between March and September. The coconut juice is refreshing, thirst-quenching and it is full of minerals and vitamins, making it an ideal summer beverage. The flesh of the coconut has a mild, sweet flavor and it is edible.
Superior Quality Rice
Specialty product: Superior Quality Rice
Main production area(s): Gaoshu Township,Sinyuan Township,Donggang Township,
Type:Rice and grains
Mainly cultivated in Xinyuan, Gaoshu and Donggang, the Rice Kaohsiung 145 superior quality rice developed over the recent years has established Pingtung’s reputation for producing superior quality rice.
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